Test Strip Decoder

Test Strip Decoder works best when the test material and test decoding color chart are illuminated in the same light and an image of both captured. The colors can be mapped and then the test result measured. The timer can be use to control the capture.


The color key chart is dragged, zoomed and rotated so the color occupies the center square and the value is in the text box. The text box can be oriented to different sides of the center square. Manual entry is also possible with a long press on the text orientation control.


After the key values are mapped select measure mode with the gauge icon. The calibration can be verified by re-positioning the test colors in the center square. The test material part of the image is placed in the center square to obtain a reading.


The results can be copied to the clipboard or save to a comma seperated (CSV) file in the Test Strip Decoder Directory. Images can also be saved from the save menu for processing later.